Penetration Testing Services

We execute comprehensive penetration testing, retest your fixes and provide a 3rd-party security clean bill of health. Our manual penetration testing is aligned to OWASP and OSSTMM testing methodology. As the whole penetration testing process is facilitated via our team of cybersecurity experts. This guarantees all projects get a standard quality assurance level and all clients get a consistent experience with high-quality results.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Business Cyber Shield pen tests your web applications wherever they are hosted. We employ manual and automated penetration testing processes using commercial, open source, and proprietary security testing tools to evaluate your web application from the perspective of anonymous and authenticated users.

Ransomware Detection and Prevention

Unlike out of the box mass phishing testing solutions, Business Cyber Shield deploys a custom approach to check your spear phishing exposure. Business Cyber Shield leverages our deep, proactive consulting expertise to offer a modular approach to evaluate your ransomware preparedness. Our goal? To enable you to adapt to the expanding ransomware threat based on your incident response (IR) program needs, objectives and maturity. 

PCI DSS Compliance

We have a specific focus on compliance. We will guide you in both terms of scoping and execution of the PCI DSS penetration Test. With a streamlined PCI DSS workflow and expert guidance, Business Cyber Shield automates the entire PCI DSS compliance process end-to-end. Let’s explore how Business Cyber Shield can fit your exact needs.

Network Penetration Testing (External)

The Business Cyber Shield team of cybersecurity experts will conduct an automated external security scan that enables organizations to find their external network vulnerabilities. The automated vulnerability scanning platform examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities and suggests remediation techniques. Our experts ensure that the scans are augmented by manual testing techniques to ensure zero false positives.

Penetration Testing Methodology Explained in 4 Steps

Onboarding Clients

Before we begin testing, Business Cyber Shield along with your company will determine the full scope that will be tested. Clear and open discussion with the customer is integral at this step. At this stage, we determine the companies’ infrastructure such as domains, servers, and other devices with IP addresses. We then determine if any should be excluded and why. Once we have a list of all of the devices to be tested we can then define the testing duration.

Executing Penetration Testing

We begin to attack vulnerabilities and known weak spots with your web application. We perform this step with the utmost care in order to protect both the web app and your data. We repeat the penetration process using both manual processes and automated tools. We use many methods such as those prescribed in OWASP methodology. Utilizing our collection of industry leading tools and applications, we are able to scan your systems in order to find the vulnerabilities that are putting your data at risk. The results of this phase are recorded in PDF and will be made available to you for download.

Remediation of Vulnerabilities

The Business Cyber Shield team collects and compiles all of the obtained information and provides the customer with an exhaustive report. We also include comprehensive recommendations to aid business leaders as well as the IT team in order to make logical decisions regarding web application security. We provide a list of each vulnerability, including how we tested and how we recommend resolving the risk. At this stage, we provide specific technical details allowing the IT team to quickly respond.

Retest for Validation of Fixes

After both the business leaders and the IT team are able to read the report and act during the remediation process, we will retest to determine the effectiveness of findings resolution. We will rerun our penetration test on the web application. As a result of the retest, we will provide you an updated report. This report will either show a clean build or a patched vs not patched status for each finding.

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