DevSecOps Consulting Service

We cover every component – from security engineering and security operations to compliance operations and security automation. Fill the gaps between IT and security while ensuring safe and quick delivery of code releases.

Assessment of Current Security Measures

We examine the security practices and provide guidance to achieve high security standards without compromising speed of development.

Align DevSecOps with Business Objectives

We help integrate developers with IT operations and focus everyone on making better security decisions while ensuring quick delivery of code releases.

Integrate Security into DevOps Practices

With the right plan, you can move quickly from DevOps to DevSecOps, enabling security teams to exert influence and improve the security of applications within current CI/CD pipelines.

Accelerate DevSecOps Tools Selection

We evaluate the marketplace and assist in the selection of application security tools for ongoing vulnerability management. With SAST and DAST tools it is possible to fix the weaknesses at an early stage and at low cost.

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